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2 Prizes, a Total of 500 Troy Ounces of Silver & More...

・Anyone over 16 can be eligible to win from either of the two prizes. If you participate you can win.

・Prize #1 is divided between all contestants that choose 'No, I cannot yet Disprove the thesis.' A simple calculation decides how much.

・Prize #2 will go to one individual contestant whose answer is 'Yes, I Can Disprove the Thesis Now' and simultaneously submits at least one valid, verifiable, provable fact that disproves my 'Silver Shortage is Coming' investment thesis. 

・You can learn more about the contest from other contestants, or submit your email address to hear from me, which will always be the most accurate, up-to-date information on the contest information.

・Make sure to hear why I am happy to learn if I am wrong. 

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    In the future, if we need a phone number we'll get one. For now, we use email, and this site.

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