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Why this Contest?

I have so many reasons I want to share with you. But now, on this page, I'm just gonna give you one simple, valid, true reason. Mainly because I doubt that anyone can doubt the logic. So here is 'Reason #1.'

First may I ask you? If you were so confident you put 95% of your net worth into one investment thesis then wouldn't you want to know if you were wrong too? I've pretty much done this. I've been studying this since I could read & as far as I know my confidence is derived on correct information. But if my information is incorrect then my conclusion will be too. So if a fact exists, that I am currently unaware of, that proves I am wrong then would you, if you were me, search to find out? Would you too search for the truth? I started with nothing and now I have somewhere around 95% of my total net worth wrapped up in this investment thesis. If you were me then wouldn't you too be happy to pay to find out if you are correct?

Do you see where I am going with this? 

This is my 'American Experiment' to Crowd Source for Truth. Knowing the truth is in my best interests. If you understand too, that correct, true information is valuable, then you will also understand another way you win by participating in this contest. Because if I am correct too then this is the simplest, surest, lowest risk, highest reward way to transition through this crisis & multiply your own net worth at the same time.

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